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We are Johan and Yvonne and made a new start at a special location in Engwierum from the beginning of May 2019. Together with our 6 children, who sometimes will and sometimes will not be there, the sweet labrador Yogi, our 2 cats called one and the other and a few nice chickens.

By combining both our talent, experience and quality, we have taken over group accommodation Boutsma Zathe and have decided to give it a new name: guesthouse “In De Wij” We think this name suits us because of our ability to think, to live from love, to share our talent and act from our passion.

This step was exciting for all of us and not entirely new for Yvon. From her 13 years of experience as owner of Camping 3 Akers on De Woude (North Holland), she was eager to start something new again, to receive guests again and to be able to share her experiences.

The best thing to do is make something out of almost nothing. Transforming second-hand items into an attractive object, pimping old timer caravans for example, but also making beautiful things from residual wood. When Yvon can be busy with that, she is completely in her element. A lot of creativity can be admired in and around the guesthouse.

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