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Constellations/systemic work is a method to look at a problem, theme or question with representatives. Through what the energy field shows, you can experience more clarity, peace, freedom and connection with yourself. Before both the questioner and the representative can clarify each arrangement deliver.

During this constellation weekend, Martine Bernhard will, in addition to theory about constellations/systemic work, supervise various constellations, supported with knowledge of the laws in systemic work. With attention and love, we will make a wonderful journey together with the other participants with lots of togetherness, recognition and recognition.

There is enough free time and space to let the constellations take effect. Take a walk in the beautiful surroundings, relax in the sauna, or retreat with a book in one of our attractive rooms. Everything is allowed and everything is possible.

Prior to the exhibition weekend, we would like to hear which theme or which question you would like to highlight. We will cover everyone's theme come through various small setups. In consultation there are Individual setups also possible.

Image by Margarida CSilva


What can you expect:

A fully arranged program, based on (vegetarian) food, drinks, sleeping, workshop, use of the sauna (without obligation), meditation, retreat, a massage (on request) and a loving environment. You have your own bedroom where the bed is already made and towels are ready.

Image by Melissa Askew
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