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Our guesthouse is entirely on the ground floor and has a spacious layout.

You can sit on the wooden lounge sofa, play a picture or watch a movie.


The sitting room has a large square dining table with 12 chairs around it.

There are French doors, so you can walk out and there are 2 picnic tables.


Living room

Sitting room

There are 16 beds in 7 bedrooms.

There is 1 bedroom with a double bed.

There are 3 bedrooms with cupboards and 3 bedrooms have a washbasin overlooking the garden.


The kitchen is fully equipped. There is a 6 burner gas stove,

a small oven, coffee maker , pots and pans.

The kitchen has a kitchen table with 6 chairs around it. Nice and cozy for a game.

Image by Sonya Pix



There is a sauna with Turkish steam bath and these can be rented per day (partially).

There are 4 bathrooms with washbasins, 1 bathroom with a bath. There are a total of 4 toilets.


The garden is spacious, has various picnic tables and comfortable seating areas.

There is a Finnish Kota where you can make a fire to sit around it


Garden &

Finnish Kota

Sauna & Turkish bath

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