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At our country estate "In De Wijland" you can stay from July 2023. There are three original cars that you can rent for a wonderful stay and how about a pampering breakfast the next morning? Can you picture it already; your own creative place to sleep in peace, space and beautiful surroundings. Lots of pleasant, cheerful birds that sing beautifully to you for free, legs crossed, a nice drink and enjoy.

From your lazy chair you can enjoy everything around you, during the day you can go out and explore the area, and when you return you can make a cup of coffee or tea in the outdoor kitchen. You can use this simply furnished kitchen during your stay and also, for example, to heat up a soup or fry an egg. Quick and simple dishes should be possible, but for a three-course dinner, we would like to refer you to one of the nice restaurants in the area.


In the evening, with a bit of luck, you can enjoy a clear starry sky with countless stars and visible planets before you crawl into bed.

Do you want to use the sanitary facilities? This is possible in the two converted horse trailers Hi Hi.... 

We have the red and white dots for the toilet and the vintage blue cart for the shower.

Are you now sitting there with a big smile and looking forward to getting away from it all for a few days? Then you are very welcome. You can choose from the blue poetry caravan, the cheerful flower caravan or the candy from a gypsy wagon. 

Send an email for reservations or more information 

(The website is currently being worked on, please be patient and you can click on the buttons below the photos for more information) 

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